Coming from the world of design, and finding it too “limiting”, at 30, suddenly, unexpectedly and accidentally Paolo Scarpa was captivated by Glass, which stole his heart.


He decided to begin experimenting with glass, creating new forms, new applications, and new techniques of firing that are inspired, paradoxically, by the most ancient method: fusion almost entirely abandoned by Murano because it was too difficult, too costly and not feasible on a mass production level.  


Ten years of seclusion, trial and error, suffering, pain, .. isolation.

But after these years of experiments and researches, he focused his attention on the human form: the musculature – the power in the tendons of men, the sinuous harmony and sensuality of women.  

Their shapes seem to drift in and out from their own material, detached and yet belonging at the same time. It’s the game of life found every day.

It’s the internal struggle between good and evil.

Between what we desire and what we need. Between love and hate, between apathy and passion.

At the very centre of his art, therefore, Paolo Scarpa places man, his story and existence and he recounts these through the medium of glass, and it is light which provides its meaning, and brings it to life.

Passion moves the world, this is his language. This is the material expression of himself, the way he communicates who he is and what he thinks.