​4 o’clock in the morning silence, dark!
​Your hands are connected with your heart, your mind is losing control, its supremacy
​It is only you with your heart, all in one with the universe
​and you come back to who you really are, you talk with yourself, you listen to yourself, you feel ​yourself

​What you can’t say, what you can’t explain, what you can’t control
​but it is there, you can feel it inside, it calls you, it attracts you
​And for the first time, you feel completely free, happy
​You feel like air, fire, water, earth.

​No studies, no education
​it was here, inside me, hidden, latent, waiting
​And then suddenly, it came out like an explosion
​I completely lost the control of my life
​or maybe, I stopped to control it!
​I began to live it, it is my life not someone else life
​it is My Life!

​If you leave your hands free, following your heart not your mind
​they can do the unthinkable
​what you have always had inside, who you really are
​they translate it, they make it real, visible to everyone
​Writing, drawing, working, creating…
​your hands are the tools of your heart
​like the voice, the music my inseparable friend in every moment of my life.